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Dowel Storage Racks

Art Storage Rack - Multiple size options available - Canvas, Framed Art,, Paintings, etc

Art Storage Rack - Multiple size options available - Canvas, Framed Art,, Paintings, etc

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Handmade Wooden Rack for storing your pictures, frames, wall art and others. Has long dowels and wider base for storage of larger pictures.

The base is approximately 18.5” x 8”. The 1/2” wooden dowels are approximately 12” long with 2” space in between the dowels. (Shown in first few photos, other sizes listed below)

These are great for all types pictures, picture frames, canvas prints, paintings, artwork, portfolios, books, sketches etc. For canvas paintings/prints that have no backing it is important that the dowel upright rests on the wooden stretcher frame and not directly on the canvas. Generally speaking the dowel must be the same height or taller than the height (or width) of the canvas. Alternatively, a piece of mat board, foam board, even cardboard or some other backing can be placed behind the canvas.

This will help organize as well as keep your art in better condition since it’s being stored properly. Great for basement storage and organization but also work great as display for your shop or store.

Made of unfinished pine with poplar dowels. The dowels fit snug but can be removed. You can glue the dowels in if you choose but I feel it’s unnecessary and I prefer them unglued so you can remove dowels if you have something larger to store.

Other sizes available: (But not limited to)

24" x 8" with twenty (20) 12" dowel uprights

18.5" x 8" with sixteen (16) 18" dowel uprights

24" x 8" with twenty (20) 18" dowel uprights

Last few photos show comparison between 12” tall and 18” tall rack.

All racks made to order unless otherwise noted and are ready to ship in approximately 5-7 business days.

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