I started selling these racks on ETSY in early 2020.  It started slowly, the rack designs grew and evolved and by that summer sales really took off.  After a little over a year and over 1500 sales exclusively selling on ETSY I decided it was time to branch out to other sales channels including this my own website.

I first made the smaller racks, similar to a plate rack, for my own basement storage needs.  I found that artists, home stagers, interior designers etc. were in need of a simple and effective way to store and protect their art and that lead me to design the much larger racks.  They are taller, wider, more stable and specifically when it comes to art canvas designed to have dowels long enough to reach the top wooden stretcher frame to safely support the art.  

All racks are handmade to order.  Once complete the rack bases are assembled to ensure that they sit proper and the holes are tested to ensure the dowels fit properly.  The dowels are designed to fit snug.  They can be glued in if you prefer but are intended to be removable so you can easily disassemble and store the rack if needed or remove dowels to create more space.  Once complete the rack is branded with "DowelStorageRacks Made in the USA" logo and prepped for shipping.  Unless otherwise noted racks typically will be shipped in 1-2 weeks.  

Since everything is made to order custom requests can be made.  For a custom request and price quote you can email DowelStorageRacks@gmail.com or fill out the Contact Form.